Боб Синклер, Bob Sinclar: интервью, 2006

[Toni] Hi Bob, when we last spoke it was in a slightly more glamorous situation, we were sitting on the beach in Miami, which was really cool. It was the first interview you had done around Love Generation. Now this is the second exclusive!

[Bob Sinclar] Yes I know it was fantastic, you know Miami is always something amazing you know its great meeting up with people, being in the sun and listening to music that we like.

[Toni] Yeah I'm sure we're going have a great conference this year as well

[Bob Sinclar] Yes, I can't wait to see what's going to happen

[Toni] I'm just going to start off by asking you, you know that you're an international DJ and Producer, and you're very good at that. Is there anything else that you're really good at that we should know about?

[Bob Sinclar] I want to sound pretentious to people! But we can say that I play tennis very well.

[Bob Sinclar] Well I wanted to have a career to be a professional tennis player, but I was a little bit shy, and I wasn't strong enough for this sport, but I was really good when I was younger when I was 14, and I continued and went on to get some lessons, then I started in music at the same time. I used to teach tennis as well to raise some money so I could continue to do music, and nowadays I still manage to play two or three times a week.

[Toni] The next question I'd like to ask you is, has the success of a€?Love Generation' surprised you at all, knowing that it has gone to number 1, in five different territories.

[Bob Sinclar] Yeah Love Generation has been a big surprise to me, so I couldn't imagine doing a hit, with it being three quarters acoustic guitar and with a reggae singer, and if someone had told me that before doing the title I would of said no way! I mean the trend, or the flavour today is electro, so how can you do that? It's the magic of the music when I did the playback; you know I wanted it destined toward the album, as a Ballard. With the backing vocal I did the whistling, and I've been in New York recording different songs from disco songs as usual, but I wanted to find a good singer, a new singer, why not a white one, but I wasn't into the white sound. So I tested out a few singers on the first day and I was really disappointed, so on the second day I had the opportunity to meet two Jamaican guy's and Gary Pine, and I feel he gave me the spirituality of the title, and I feel so much positive on this title I felt something amazing. So I tell you, I feel so much from the title, if people didn't really respond to this title, even if it was 5,000 DJ's it would be hard for me to continue to do music, because as an artist, when you believe in you music its hard when people don't like it you know. I think it would be very hard.

[Toni] I think the proof is that people loved it, and the fact it was so widely received so well in so many territories

[Bob Sinclar] Yes the people took this song as an injection of love, as an injection of positive things, and I had so many people come up to me and say to me that they'd wake up in the morning and listen to this song, and for me, these are the best compliments that people can say to me. To be told by someone that this song has the power to get me up in the morning. It means I do music for a reason. When people say comments to me like that its like I win something.

TT a€“Moving on to your next single a€?World hold on', we know that a€?Love Generation' had a story behind it. What is your message or story with a€?World hold on'?

[Bob Sinclar] It was good for me, it was the first time I had the opportunity to work with Steven Edwards, but first of all it was really hard for me. That's why I didn't supply the album, immediately right after a€?Love Generation', and because it was a new form of energy in the track, I didn't know what the response was going to be with this kind of title, because a€?Love Generation' is not based on the same energy that is used on a normal club track.

[Toni] Absolutely I agree.

[Bob Sinclar] So it's based on a positive vibe, and it's just a vibe. So In my head I asked myself the question, what kind of album are you going to do after that. So it took me a while to wok out what kind of title I was going to use after a€?Love Generation', and I did a few playbacks, and after each playback I wanted to have the same colour, the same atmosphere and the same message. So when I called Steve Edwards, I sent him the playback, and he said to me ok, and of course he knew a€?Love Generation', and he said he's going to stay on the same level to give the right message, and the message was still on children, like Love Generation because its really a message for this year of 2006, and to say that you should believe in your children and to teach them about peace for the next generations.

[Toni] I absolutely understand. The new song has already been receiving some excellent feedback here, especially on radio. I guess there is going to be a video to go with the track. What can you tell me about the video?

[Bob Sinclar] Well the video is going to be the follow up of a€?Love Generation' , because I found the hook at the last minute, but the song was almost finished, and the hook was a€?World hold on', its says in the lyrics a€?one day you will have to answer to the children of the skya€?, but in my head I said (of course with the experience of a€?Love Generation'), I said in my head it lacked another hook, something that made you want to fly, I don't know, and I didn't know if I could do that again. [Toni] So you did the hook. How also would you describe the video?

[Bob Sinclar] For me it was a great idea, so apparently people haven't taken it as a boring video. So I said lets do a follow up to the a€?Love Generation' video. At the end of the a€?Love Generation' video the children are going to sleep, with the little melody. So now it is going to be in his dream, and his dream now is not to live his life and to travel the world with his bag, it's just to save the world. Saving the world meaning a meteorite is going to land on earth, and in his dream he creates his own space ship

TT- Oh right!

[Bob Sinclar] The boy travels to space, and with his basketball he is going to destroy this meteorite.

TT- It sounds very imaginative.

[Bob Sinclar] It's a mix between animation and original ideas, but I think it's going to be funny with the same child, and it's going to flow, and then we can finish the cycle. I think that's good because no one has done that before, not in my music of anyway. It's a nice story for the children, and in it you will see the same children. So it's like a story.

[Toni] Now I must ask as well, you have this reggae feel in your current music. Does this mean that Bob Sinclair has turned his back on disco music?

[Bob Sinclar] It's just the taste at the moment, the flavour of the month you might say, because I had the opportunity to find this singer, and just to find something fresh you know something different. At the moment we are really electro and really white sounding. Apparently 80's is back, but the 80's were not my period you know. My period was from 1972 to 82 maximum, and 82 is more into the funk and dance colour we can say, I don't know I prefer to be on this at the moment, with Africanism and all the projects I do on yellow productions, I like to do a fusion of different styles.

[Toni] Absolutely

[Bob Sinclar] So if as you said reggae flavour, it's just a vocal texture. It's not at all a classic. I'm not really into this music, you know the reggae that is really slow, and really I feel you need to be in the sun and to be in a special atmosphere. I just want to do mixes of different textures.

[Toni] You have just completed your album. What can you tell me about that?

[Bob Sinclar] It's hard to do an album as a dance artist, I don't know if anybody cares but I think we are not singers... I'm just a d.j and I like to be confident as a d.j so I wanted to keep the clubbing scene close to me even the djs but at the same time to keep the same colour and flavour, very acoustic and as you said with a feel of reggae on it

TT- I've heard the album and it wasn't what I expected I have to say it was very kind of eclectic?

[Bob Sinclar] It's an album that you can listen to at home and there are a lot of club tracks there and tracks that aren't like anything else on the market. There is a disco track to keep everybody moving. I want it to appeal to the people who had bought love generation and who hopefully will be happy to buy this album too.

[Toni] ok now I want to move on to your image, now I've seen a preview of your promotional pictures for your album and they are pretty sexy.

[Bob Sinclar] yes

[Toni] and would you say that your a glamorous person in real life?

[Bob Sinclar] I mean what else you know, clubbing is glamour for me, so you need to have, or you need to share something very positive with the people, it just to be an artist is a dream to a lot of people so when you are a d.j sometimes you just try and play up to that image. I like to play with my image as behind it is a lot of humour, its nice also to be a sexy sometimes when you can do it, you know you have a nice photo for girls or for boys! Why not, (laugh).

[Toni] Can I ask you which car do you have in the photos?

[Bob Sinclar] ahhh it's the Ferrari

[Toni] and is that your car?

[Bob Sinclar] it's my car!

[Toni] (laugh) I have to say that a world exclusive, Bob Sinclair drives a Ferrari!!

[Bob Sinclar] yes it's a black Ferrari f430!! It's a new spider but yeah I'm a fan of different beautiful cars, I've only one but it's just my very small pleasure, it gives me that you know.

[Toni] I have to say that it is an absolutely beautiful car

[Bob Sinclar] yeah it's amazing

[Toni] ok, couple of more questions, can you tell me about any really incredible djing experiences that you've had recently.

[Bob Sinclar] Every year I go to Australia, and Australia its something that has been amazing from the first time I went there 4 years ago, its something I couldn't expect, you know I don't expect anything from Australia, because I know that it has been hard to play house music on the radio over their in the past. The welcome I get in this country is amazing because they are all find house music really fresh they also have 8 months of sun, it's very important as the sun influences my music. I get a big welcome of every year, of course I have a lot club residencies and my priority today is to be a resident in Turnmills in London, DiscothA?que in Barcelona and Pacha in Ibiza, but I have to admit I have a fantastic experience in this country. Australians like clubbing and you can expect a lot of people to like my music because I do a lot of promotion, Australia it's another world.

[Toni] do you think because of your success at the moment, do you think that you're at the peak of your career or will it get better for you now?

[Bob Sinclar] I think that personally after Love Generation I don't know what I can do because we've sold almost a million singles in the world or even more, we are number one in Australia and Germany and we are doing really well in your country and France tooa€¦ what more can you do you know its no longer a club track its more than that.

[Toni] its just music now

[Bob Sinclar] yeah it's just music now but at the same time I'm a d.j, I'm not a musician... it's going to be hard to do another track like Love Generation, but it's just in France you say it's the cherry on the cake! I've got 12 years of work at euro productions, a lot of very big big tunes, there is Love Generation, and something's changed in my life forever of course because I did the melodies of the songs, I did many things, I learned a lot in 12 years now its an achievement, 2005 was fantastic and it seems like 2006 is going to be the same and I cant expect more, its just something amazing so everything's a bonus now.

[Bob Sinclar] I hope to do more clubbing tracks, I will continue to do Africanism because my first thing is to do music for djing, if it becomes possible it's a bonus

[Toni] fantastic, now I understand that's brilliant, that's excellent thank you very much Bob

[Bob Sinclar] my pleasure

Interview by Toni, 10th Mar 2006, Defected

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