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AS the Ibiza season gets into full swing, Defected In The House, at Pacha on a Saturday, is the only place to be. Here, Sun girl CHARLOTTE MARTIN catches up with the legendary front man of the opening party - Bob Sinclar to talk clubs, bananas and why being a DJ is like being an athlete. GRANTED, I was a little peeved when the infamous Bob Sinclar kept me waiting for three hours to chat with him.

But in all honestly, when youre housed up in Cafe Mambo, Ibiza, listening to some of the worlds best DJs pumping out their hardest beats, nothing really matters anymore.

Post-deck spinning at the official pre-party to Defected in the House and pre-Pacha, Bob aka Christophe Le Friantwas a little agitated, in need of some good food and a few soft drinks before his chat with me.

Hi, great to meet you, are you from the label? he mused as I bounce over to introduce myself.

Lost in translation I assume. The interview I had pined over for weeks was such a small fry for the Frenchman but who can blame him? After all, most people forget there own name after a few days in Ibiza.

Within a few minutes the penny finally drops: Ahhh ... great to meet you The Sun you say? I love the Page Three Girls! I love them, send them my love.

Thats better. At least he's quickly realised the one way to reach a Sun writer's heart - our Page 3 heritage.

Youre not one yourself are you?

Its an old joke, but I giggle and shake my head, relieved that the ice had broken quicker than I had previously anticipated.

Aware of the time ticking away and Bobs impending set at Pacha for Defected in a wee while, I dont beat around the bush for long, diving straight in for to ask him about his past, present and future on the White Isle.

Ive been DJing here for 12 years, he purrs in his Ginola style French accent

I wouldnt want to spend my time anywhere else; its the best place to party in the world. Especially Pacha, it's my favourite club by far.

He would say that, I point out, for hes set to hit the decks there in approximately two hours time.

True, but it really has an atmosphere like no other. Its the perfect club as its made for the DJ the crowd is in full view. You feel like you are really performing to a crowd that are here for you.

For the clubbers it has a great sized dance space, it welcomes gay and straight people it has great VIP areas.

I cant argue with his reasoning, for Pacha has always been my favourite too. He likes Space, but still feels the two cherries hold the key to a real party - I nod in eager agreement.

There are a few places that are catching up with the White Isle though, he highlights.

Mykonos in Greece could be one of the new islands ready to make its mark; Ive been there a lot.

I also love Sydney and Miami so cool and a little place called Riccione, in Italy is just amazing, a club called Peter Pan just as fantastic as its name suggest."

Theres no doubt that Bob Sinclar has gone from DJ to super star over the last five years, with the help of Ibiza.

While his reputation was huge underground since the late 90s, once Love Generation in 2005 and later, World Hold was released, he was truly a star in every sense of the word.

"I hate that word, he bites back.

It sounds like Ive just done a kiss and tell with a footballer.

I am an artist, not a star."

Hes modest, well at least for a Frenchman who counts the likes of Bono and family as regular fans of his nights. But, he insists he is pretty average, saying: "Im a normal guy, I do normal things.

But what's normal about Bob Sinclar? He has cut through genres, mixing house with reggae, dance with pop and still maintained an underground presence that is as strong as the day he started. His fans are die-hard and boy, had they turned out in their thousands to see him tonight. He's famous worldwide.

Others had warned he could be a bit of a diva, but throughout our short chat, barring the tardiness, he is charming, friendly and gives off the vibe that he is just very serious about his music.

He doesnt drink, nor touch drugs. His rider contains just bananas, water and energy drinks. He likes women, so Im told. But Im sure we can let him off for that, besides, hes French and suprisingly attractive too.

He says: Being a good musician is like being an athlete you have to take care over your diet, keep your energy levels up and look after yourself. Ive never been one to mess with my body,

Its this sort sense that he is slightly above other DJs that, for some reason, just makes you fall for him more.

This is why I know I can carry on with what I do. I love the music, I love the travel, and everyday is a highlight.

I want to continue making the best music I can. At the moment, Ive got no plans to stop any time soon.

As his entourage disappear into Defected private cars, ready for the Pacha onslaught, I slam my notepad shut and let him go on his way.

I wish I had time to ask him more about his past, his family.. the real Chris. But its too late.

I guess, until now, he will remain hidden behind those decks for the rest of time. And maybe, just maybe, I kind of like it that way.

Bobs latest mix album is called Strictly Bob Sinclar strictly.com

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