Боб Синклер, Bob Sinclar: интервью, 2013

It's been 9 years since the first time I met Chris aka Bob Sinclar all the way back in Belgrade at his first performance in Serbia. The intro about Bob is in the first post I ever wrote about him on my blog (check the link under the last image); and now I have the pleasure to publish a short interview with my favorite DJ.

Bob Sinclar's "Western Dream" is my favorite album; who can forget WORLD HOLD ON? Back in 2006, I remember receiving the SMS from my mum saying: " I have surprise for you when you come back from school." - Okay, I came home and the envelop under my name was at the table in the living room. I look at the back and I see a Yellow Production seal. I knew it - it was the "Western Dream" album sent straight from Paris. Neighbors were not really happy that I was first in Serbia to have it - because the CD was played on and on and on.

What is your favorite clubbing city or a festival?

I play in Brasil since 4 years on a roll and I have to admit that it became the second clubbing destination in the world. I play mainly during the carnival which take place in all the cities of the country. The carnaval is lasts for 5 days and I play in 5 different towns on a roll in festival or clubs. These people are really warm, and they know how to Party.

How do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

I started with music at a time that u had no expectation of making any career as a Dj. Dance Music choosed me as one of their Ambassador and I am proud of it, I am traveling all these years with always the same passion. To tell you what is gonna happen next I don't know. You cant lie to people, then if I am tired of it I will quit. However, its not my time yet :-)

My Next release is gonna happen in April the 2nd, a compilation called "Paris by night" that I mix and produced with brand new artists who signed on my Label.

Check my website bobsinclar.com with all the news :-)

I grew up with “World hold on” and “Taj Mahal” back in Belgrade, what kind of music did you listen when you were young? Did anyone of them inspire you for your music?

I remember you as a young great dancer having good taste in music and I am sure you stayed the same :-)

As a teenager I was facinated by Hip Hop. How this culture come out of the street and how the Djs were making their music in recycling beats from the 70's. I have started to do the same at home. I was not a classic musician but I use my weakness to be more sharp in creating sounds and making beats. Dj Premier from Gang Starr was my hero, always a step ahead in term of quality of drums and became innovative in sampling wired loop to create his own style. Today I am more influenced by classics of black Music from all around the world that I try to match with my own beats.

Special thanks to my favorite DJ who took time to reply on questions while he is on tour on the other side of Atlantic ocean.

Mar 14 2013

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