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Bob Sinclar has forged a name in the music industry that is synonymous with feel-good, uplifting music. Over the years hes revamped the way we imagine our time spent grooving on the dance floor or simply letting ourselves go to positive musical vibes. A lot of that energy hes synergized through a robust musical education of paying his dues and drinking up the most eclectic sounds and influences he possibly could.

We had the brilliant opportunity to chat with Mr. Sinclair and get his take on more than a few things. 2016 sounds like its going to be an even more stellar year for him than the past incredible ones have. Check out what he has in store after the jump!

CRAVE: Youve celebrated a number of years in the music industry and have worked with a whos who of musical icons. Looking back, what has been the biggest musical/life lesson youve learned from some of the greats in the industry ? Whats your secret to staying young and relevant ?

BOB SINCLAR: I came into music when I discovered Hip Hop culture in 1988. I learned how the DJs were making their music in creating and recycling sounds. It was a new way of producing music. Searching new exciting samples became my hobby. Step by step I met amazing and talented musicians and singers who helped me to understand how to create a full song. I have a lot of respect for artists and I love sharing time in studio with them. One of the highlights for me was when I spent 15 days in studio in Jamaica with the legendary producers Sly & Robbie to create my Made In Jamaica album. It was amazing to share time with these musicians and to learn with them. Weve also lost a number of legends recently. Notably, we lost Prince, David Bowie, Big Bank Hank of the Sugar Hill Gang (with whom youve worked) and Frankie Knuckles, both of whom were pioneers in the industry. Any thoughts on their passing and what legacies they leave to the new generation of music listeners?

For most of the new generation, Hip Hop starts with Kanye West and House Music with Avicii. But for those who like to learn about the history of music, today they have the opportunity to search YouTube and discover the roots. There is an end for everyone. Some artists are leaves and some are roots. But only legends will leave a trace in the future. As a producer its very important for me to know where my music is coming from. It inspires me to create new vibes. Youre an entrepreneur, DJ, producer and family man. How do you balance your family life with the pressures and responsibilities of your career? How do you stay zen and healthy at the same time?

The luxury is to live your passion and this is what has happened to me since I was 18 years old. I live a dream every day. At the beginning, I had no vision about a career plan. But I had the Mojo inside me to believe in it. Step by step my music became more and more professional. I learned how to direct musicians and singers in sessions. After 20 years I am still on the scene working hard and I love it. Family wise, its a hard job to tell your kids that you have to leave the house to live your passion. I do 100 gigs a year. Its tough. You need to be ultra fit but so its good to live. When Im home I optimize my quality time with them. Now they understand my job. And its good to have a happy Daddy at home.

Whats your one guilty pleasure item (tech product, food, clothing)? Why?

Sinclar divides his time as a family man, producer and star.

I am a Collector I collect a lot of things but in particular, these Japanese plastic dolls called BEARBRICK made by Medicom. I am always hip to find the new one Youre stranded on an abandoned island with only one vinyl, one bottle of (sparkling water, whiskey, fruit juice you choose), and one book. What are the vinyl, the bottle and the book that you choose. Why?

The Album will be Off The Wall from Michael Jackson. A masterpiece produced by Quincy Jones.

The Drink will only be Coconut juice.

The Book will be Cant Stop Wont Stop, a Story of the hip-hop generation written by Jeff Chang. Bob Sinclars has a tour schedule that includes a residency at Pacha Ibiza.

Bob Sinclars has a tour schedule that includes a residency at Pacha Ibiza. Youve built quite a reputation as one of the few DJ producers who has a credible sense of style, (fashionable and suave). What advice would you give to our male readership about grooming themselves for a night out on the town? What product should they use for their skin, hair?

Never show any brand, no logo anywhere. Always a good mix between vintage clothing pieces and stylish designer collections. And never a total look from a designer. Its cheap. Choose the right cologne. For me its Habit Rouge from Guerlain.

The hair and the teeth are the most important things and they show how well you take care of yourself. Skin : never too tan but just a little bit Youre rushing to a flashy event. You only have a few minutes to get ready. What do you pull from your closet to look your absolute best on the red carpet?

Black Military vintage jacket by Alexander Wang. Black oversized T shirt with a deep rounded neck by Yves Saint Laurent. Skinny Black Denim Jean by Hedi Slimane. Dsquared Biker back belt. Balmain Biker shiny boots. And ready to go. If you could go back in time and give one piece of advice to yourself at 17 years of age, what would it be ? Why ?

Follow your dream and never give up. We all have an energy inside that drives us toward something. Its a talent to feel it and to have the feeling to listen to it and to be driven. This has been like this since I was 17. I was right to listen this little voice. Tell us about what you have in store for 2016. Any teasers you can give us to get your fans and our readership excited?

This year again I had my residency at Pacha Ibiza with my Party Paris nightly, starting from the 21st of May until the 9th of March I have pure House ready but I need a big track to promote it. This track will be ready for February. Stay tuned to my network !!!!!!! This year Sinclar plans to unveil new music and collaborations.

This year Sinclar plans to unveil new music and collaborations. Simple answers for this one. What song would you play to set the mood for a romantic evening with a lover?

Simple answers for this one. What song would you play to set the mood for a romantic evening with a lover?

Sade, Never As Good as the First Time Dancing like youve never danced before until the sun comes up?

Prince, I Wanna be Your Lover Hitting the weights heavy in the gym?

A Paul Johnson (From Chicago) DJ set on his YouTube channel. Preparing for an intense business meeting?

AC/DC, Highway To Hell

Bob Sinclars tour diary is as full as can be expected. But his frenetic pace doesnt prevent him from remaining accessible to his fans through his various portals like Instagram and Twitter. He keeps a steady stream of fan-exclusive content piping out on a regular basis. Be sure to stay posted to his social media to keep abreast of whats next in the world of all things Bob Sinclair.


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