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Follow your influences and your feelings. That is great advice from Bob Sinclar, the DJ/producer who helped pioneer the French house sound of filter disco. While he is best known for the big international hits from the classic Western Dream album (Love Generation, World Hold On, Rock This Party), his catalog of work is worth exploring (Africanism, Le Manege, and I Feel For You come to mind). Watch for updates of his music to come out on Spinnin as he continues to rock the clubs with anthems likes Feel the Vibe and Someone Who Needs Me.

RS: Congratulations on winning the International Dance Music Award for Feel The Vibe. It is an amazing song, how did the song come about? Bob Sinclar: I try to find new ideas and recycle sounds that I loved in the past and update them. There is no formula to my music, I just feel the vibe of the moment. When I made the playback I knew that it was for a female vocal and I had wanted to work with Dawn Tallman for years but didnt have the right song for her. I think that it was the right time because over the last three years we have seen through deep house that house music is coming back. The kids have discovered the music and so I think that 2015 was a good time to make that song with Dawn. We met in the studio in Darlington, New York and we wrote the song together and it was an amazing performance. Since I recorded with her I have been blessed and I have had so many rewards. It is no longer about the sales of the song, it is amazing how the people love that kind of music and it is good timing to do it again.

RS: You also did that great vocal track with Byron Stingily which he sang tonight. Bob Sinclar: I come from the hip-hop generation so I am not a classical musician. I came into music with samples and I am still sampling music. When I have a good sample I want to use the best singer and to do a song with Byron Stingily was a dream. I try to achieve these dreams every time.

RS: I totally get the sample culture because your new song Someone Who Needs Me is a sample of Stevie Wonder, how did that come to you? Bob Sinclar: It is not another style because it is always black music influenced. I made this playback in my studio and made it more of a club style than I had done over the last 2-3 years. When I make music by accident it is always a beautiful accident. I had a bunch of Motown acapellas and I always try to test the different legends on instrumentals that I am doing and it was perfectly matched with my instrumentals. I just had to pitch up two tones of the vocal of Stevie Wonder and I resynced everything because I couldnt use his vocals, but I cleared the publishing of course. So I started to play the song and I sent it to Spinnin because I thought that it was a good time to release a song on a major dance label that has an amazing aura and window on the world. I said lets test it on Spinnin.

RS: Yes, when they first promoted it they didnt say who you were, it said ID or BS. Why did they do that? Bob Sinclar: They wanted people to pay attention more to the song and not just my name. Sometimes people see my name and want to listen to it or it effects what they listen to and they wanted to just promote the music.

RS: Last time I interviewed you, you said that you make music that you want to play for the summer, what sound do you think is going to be the sound this summer? Bob Sinclar: I want to make music for the crowd, I always want to play my own music in the club as a DJ. I was part of the explosion of the DJ world and so I am very happy to see all these DJs around. We have become real artists and considered artists by the entire music community around the world. I have always considered myself as a DJ and now people are saying that we are pop stars, rocks stars etc. but I prefer to say that I am still a DJ and I want to produce music for the club and play it.

RS: What can we expect from the track with you and Harry ''Choo Choo'' Romero? Bob Sinclar: I tried to do as many collaborations as I could this year. I have a collaboration with Daddys Groove and we did a beautiful house music instrumental. Maybe a song is coming but Spinnin is going to release the track as well. I was with Harry Romero this afternoon in his studio, I had a very naughty song in mind, sorry I cant say but it has a girl moaning on the song. I have always had a lot of admiration for Harry for his production and sound and so I was curious how he was producing all of his songs. We did a mashup of different sounds together but we didnt finish the idea yet but we are going to work on it again. There is more coming with different guys and everyone is welcome if they want to work with me, I would be happy to.

RS: What about you and Joachim Garraud and Vitalic, what is there? Bob Sinclar: Its a strange story, Joachim and Vitalic are working on the Vitalic album at the moment so Joachim is helping him produce and give him ideas. It was my wifes birthday and I invited them to the birthday but this birthday was all about 70s and 80s music. Joachim got in the DJ booth and he played 80s funk disco music, no dance music or anything, and Vitalic didnt play but he watched the game. I love enjoying moments with people like that because they are DJs and producers but they havent forgotten where they come from and they are still real people.

RS: I have always wanted to ask you, how did Cerrone effect or change your life? Bob Sinclar: The first time that I saw the sleeve and album of Cerrone I was fascinated by how this guy came up with all the naked girls on the sleeves. It was my inspiration to create my persona and character. My first album was Paradise and it was very much Chicago influenced and I put naked girls on the sleeve and cover. I didnt even make publishing with my own face, I took a guy with a moustache and I imagined that Bob Sinclar could be the new super hero of dance music or disco style. Cerrone was first of all a very kitsch inspiration and then a few years after I sampled I Feel For You we met and he asked me to remix his catalog and to do a compilation album and a mashup of all his classics.

RS: Speaking about rereleases, you just released a new version of I Feel For You with DBN, will you be reworking more of your classics with new beats? Bob Sinclar: Yes, it is a big plan, Spinnin wants to recycle all of the music I have done over the last 15 years. I am really impressed and wonder if it is already time for me to be recycled! We are going to see that in the near future.

RS: When they make the movie of your life what actor, aside from Jean-Paul Belmondo, is going to play you? Bob Sinclar: It is hard to say but maybe Alain Delon who is a famous French actor. Maybe Keanu Reeves.

RS: Yes, he has the hair! Bob Sinclar: I love the movie An Officer and a Gentleman and also America Gigolo, so I love Richard Gere. I am very vintage, Im sorry.

RS: Classic and vintage! On your Instagram and Twitter there is a picture of you naked in a tube and it is called Rebirth, what does that mean to you? Bob Sinclar: I love to create pictures, I manage my own Instagram and I post the same posts for Twitter and Facebook. I just started with Snapchat and it is a pain. It is hard to be everywhere at the same time. When I was in Miami I felt that I had a lot of respect from the young generation and it was the first time that I felt that. I also went to all the legend parties of the guys that I love so much and they were very nice to me. When I saw the picture that I took a few years ago I figured that because so much is happening to me it is like a new cycle and so I called it Rebirth. Often times there is nothing spiritual or intellectual behind the pictures that I post, like me being in a tube in the desert naked.

RS: What would you like to say to all of your fans out there? Bob Sinclar: Thanks for being here over all these years. It is amazing how all the clubs are booking me again and again every year. It is crazy, they are very faithful. I always try to be as nice as I can with everyone, I never forget where I came from when I was not playing anywhere. I am very thankful, I work hard, but I really want to thank everyone. If I can give advice to the younger DJs you should never follow anyone, when you follow you are always behind, so to be the first you need to be the one that creates the sound. Follow your influence and your feelings.


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